Wenge Yang

(630) 252-0487

Wenge Yang received his Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics in 1995. The focus of his research effort is to develop novel synchrotron radiation techniques (x-ray diffraction, imaging, and spectroscopy) for high-pressure research.  He is interested in macroscale and microscale stress/strain evolving, defect characterization (dislocation, twinning, stacking faults, shear band, grain boundary), ordering/disordering system, phase transition and structure evolution of crystalline, amorphous and liquid materials. He has been developing 3D submicron spatial resolution micro-diffraction, scanning-angle energy-dispersive diffraction, Laue x-ray absorption spectroscopy, coherent scattering, nanoscale full field imaging, single crystal diffraction, anomalous scattering/absorption methods for atomic, electronic and spin structure studies under external fields (electric, and /or magnetic field) and high pressure-temperature.