Malcolm Guthrie

European Spallation Source

Malcolm Guthrie has worked in the field of high-pressure diffraction at major neutron and synchrotron facilities for over 18 years. He worked in the US from 2008 until 2014, first as a staff scientist at the APS and then as a Science Thrust leader in EFree based at Carnegie. During his time at Carnegie, he led their neutron research activities while studying the structure of simple molecular systems under pressure in both the liquid and solid state. With colleagues at Carnegie he played a lead role in the team that developed new diamond-anvil cells for neutron diffraction, extending the pressure range to ~100 GPa. In 2014, he moved to Sweden to oversee the high-pressure program at the European Spallation Source (ESS). In addition to building a high-pressure platform spanning all instruments at the ESS, he is responsible for developing and coordinating its future high-pressure community. Malcolm is also the lead proposer of a dedicated high-pressure beamline at the ESS called ESPRESSO.