Bianca Haberl

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Bianca Haberl received her M.Sc. (Physics) from the University of Augsburg, Germany in 2006 and her Ph.D (Physics) from the Australian National University, Australia in 2011. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Australian National University, she joined the Neutron Sciences Directorate of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2014 as a Weinberg Fellow. Currently she is the High Pressure Science Coordinator for ORNL's Neutron Sciences division. Her research focuses on various ways of high pressure synthesis of novel, useful structures from the Group IV elements carbon, silicon and germanium.  Thereby, she employs a suite of high pressure methods (diamond anvil cells, but also point loading and laser-induced microexplosions) and a range of different precursor materials (in particular amorphous and disordered materials with varying degrees of structural ordering and hydrogen contents).