EFree Paper Selected as JCP Editors' Choice Article

The Journal of Chemical Physics has selected the Naumov, Hemley, Hoffmann, and Ashcroft paper "Chemical bonding in hydrogen and lithium under pressure" [J. Chem. Phys. 143, 064702 (2015)] as one of its 2015 Editors' Choice Articles. 65 articles were selected by the journal's editors as being the most innovative and influential articles of 2015.
Hydrogen and lithium, one a diatomic gas at ambient pressure, the other a metal. On compression, however, the two come to share structural and other similarities associated with the insulator-to- metal and metal-to- insulator transitions, respectively. This paper traces, in a comparative way, the physical factors at work in the high pressure forms of these elements.
More information about the paper can be found here.