EFree Annual Meeting Held at APS

After a welcoming reception on Monday evening, October 3, the schedule for October 4 and 5 included scientific sessions dedicated to the Center’s three main projects: New Nanophase Carbons, New Solar Materials, and Novel Transport in Light Element MaterialsIn addition, special sessions on X-ray Scattering and Neutron Scattering featured discussions on ways in which EFree can most profitably utilize these key techniques. In each of the scientific sessions, presentations of the past year’s results were supplemented by dialogue amongst Center members on research directions and objectives for the coming year. Concluding the meeting was a poster session featuring the work of Center graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

Tuesday, October 4

Introductory Remarks:

Stephen Streiffer (Advanced Photon Source) - Welcome
Russell Hemley (George Washington University) - Introduction

New Nanophase Carbons:

John Badding (Pennsylvania State University) - Overview and update
Xiang Li (Pennsylvania State University) - Synthesis of new nanophase carbons
Steve Juhl (Pennsylvania State University) - Low dose electron microscopy of carbon nanothreads
Vincent Crespi (Pennsylvania State University) - Nanothreads: Collective "self-templating" of ordered 1D covalent nanostructures within the cyrstalline solid state
Bo Chen (Cornell University) - Theoretical investigations of the mechanism of nanothread formation

Porous Materials:

Kai Landskron (Lehigh University) - Recent results and future prospects

New Solar Materials:

Tim Strobel (Carnegie) - Overview and update 
Venkat Bhadram (Carnegie) - Water splitting and solar materials
Tianshu Li (George Washington University) - Can group IV semiconductors form clathrate with inert gas?

Neutron Scattering:

Brent Fultz (Caltech) - Overview: Inelastic scattering and neutron pressure
Chris Tulk (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) - New pressure cells, opportunities for neutron diffraction
Chen Li (University of California - Riverside) - Neutron scattering updates
Konstantin Lokshin (University of Tennessee)  - High pressure neutron diffraction: Experimental capabilities and plans

Wednesday, October 5

Electron Transport in Light Element Materials:

Russell Hemley (George Washington University) - Project update
Sabri Elatresh for Neil Ashcroft (Cornell University) - Materials under high pressure
Maddury Somayazulu (Carnegie) - Experimental overview
Ajay Mishra (Carnegie) - Synthesis of hydrides
Konstantin Lokshin (University of Tennessee) - Transport measurements at megabar pressures
Hanyu Liu (Carnegie) - Theoretical studies of dense hydrogen and hydrides

X-ray Scattering:

Maria Baldini (Carnegie) - Results, techniques, and emerging capabilities

Goal Setting and Closing Remarks:

Russell Hemley (George Washington University) - Closing Remarks


Poster  Presentations

  • Bo Chen (Cornell University) - Mechanistic studies of nanothread formation from benzene under pressure
  • Sabri Elatresh (Cornell University) - Ground state of lithium: Evidence from Fermi surface analysis
  • Zachary Geballe (Carnegie Institution of Washington) - Techniques to measure electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and heat capacity at high pressure
  • Michael Guerette (Carnegie Institution of Washngton) - The Road to 24
  • Steven Juhl (Pennsylvania State University) - Low-dose transmission electron microscopy of carbon nanothreads
  • Xiang Li (Pennsylvania State University) - Synthesis and characterization of nanothread crystals under different pressure conditions
  • Hanyu Liu (Carnegie Institution of Washington) - High superconductivity in alkaline earth metal hydrides
  • Yiqun Liu (Lehigh University) - Synthesis of crystalline periodic mesoporous lithium aluminosilicate for energy applications
  • Ajay Mishra (Carnegie Institution of Washington) - 1. Calcium hydrides: Synthesis ant HP & HT; 2. Formation of S and Se hydrides at HP & HT
  • Ivan Naumov (Carnegie Institution of Washington) - Metallic surface states in dense phases of the light alkali elements
  • Damian Paliwoda (Lehigh University) - One- and three-dimensional diamond nanostructures prepared via templating method 
  • Xiao Tong (California Institute of Technology) - Phonons in Si24 at simultaneously elevated temperature and pressure
  • Tao Wang (Pennsylvania State University) - Identifying nanothreads tomic structures  and exploring its electronic properties for energy application
  • Nicholas Weadock (California Institute of Technology) - Activation volume for hydrogen diffusion in YFe2H2.6 determined by QENS