EFRC Midterm Review

The EFRC Midterm Review of EFree was held in Gaithersburg, MD on February 5. Fourteen EFree Scientists, including management, partners and students, presented talks and posters during the review.  A schedule of the review can be found here:

  • 8:30am: Russell Hemley (Carnegie) - Overview
  • 9:15am - John Badding (Penn State) - Nanophase Carbons and Nasim Alem (Penn State) - Aberration-Corrected Electron Microscopy of Energy Nanomaterials
  • 10:15am - Kai Landskron (Lehigh) - Next Generation Porous Materials
  • 10:45am - Tim Strobel (Carnegie) - New Solar Materials
  • 11:45am - Working Lunch
  • 12:30pm - Poster Sesssion:
    • Steve Juhl (Penn State) - High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy of Energy Materials Synthesized in Extreme Environments
    • Bo Chen (Cornell) - Theoretical Mechanistic Investigations of Nanothread Formation from Benzene
    • Enshi Xu (Penn State) - Exploring the Atomic Details of Nanothreads and Engineering its Properties for Energy Applications
    • Max Murialdo (Caltech) - Anomalous Thermodynamics of High-Pressure Gas Adsorption on Nanostructured Carbons
    • Yiqun Liu (Lehigh) - Synthesis of Periodic Mesoporous Silica with Crystalline Pore Wall for Energy Application in Extreme Environments
    • Lakshmi Krishna (Mines) - Synthesis and Characterization of Metastable Silicon-Based Materials for Solar Energy Conversion
  • 1:30pm - Russell Hemley (Carneige) and Roald Hoffmann (Cornell) - Electron Transport in Light Element Materials
  • 2:15pm - Chen Li (Carnegie) - Neutron Scattering Development and Progress in EFree
  • 2:35pm - Maria Baldini (Carnegie) - Synchrotron X-rays: A Tool for EFree
  • 3:30pm - Reviewers meet with EFree members
  • 4:30pm - Russell Hemley (Carnegie) - Conclucding Remarks
  • 4:40pm - Final Questions