Maddury Somayazulu

Chief Scientist
(202) 478-8911

Maddury Somayazulu is the Chief Scientist for EFree and a research scientist at the Geophysical Laboratory. He manages the diamond anvil cell laboratory and the gas-loading laboratory in addition to pursuing his research on high pressure-high temperature materials physics and chemistry. He uses Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy and synchrotron based single crystal and powder x-ray diffraction to explore high P-T synthesis and reactions in laser heated and resistively heated diamond cells. His current research centers around synthesizing novel Xe compounds such as XeCl2, XeI2 and van der Waals solids such as Xe(H2)n. In addition, he is also extending the studies on the phases and compressibilities of low Z planetary ices such as H2O, CH4, NH3 and H2H2O. He was involved in the construction and setting up of the synchrotron facilities at HPCAT, and is actively pursuing developing novel diffraction based techniques for investigating exciting problems in condensed matter physics and solid state physics at high pressures and low temperatures.